La Maison Restaurant complex in Novosibirsk

Restaurant complex La Maison is located on the first floor of the old residence of Zakhariy Kryukov, built in 1908. In French “La maison” means house and, by the way, this exact house has its own romantic story: the merchant built it for the woman he loved.
In 2012 La Maison was transformed and several separate concepts appeared – the already familiar La Maison restaurant and new La Maison Café. A tail coat or an evening dress are hardly suitable for everyday, a usual day calls for a polo shirt or a sundress. Just so, when choosing where to relax at La Maison, you are free to decide which part of the house corresponds to your current mood.

La Maison Cafe

Cafe services
  • Cuisine: Russian, European
  • Sitting places: La Maison Café sits 60 persons
  • Café services
  • In-house wine cellar, wine list, more than 30
    wines by glass.
  • Personal sommelier
  • Lunch offer average bill 550 RUB
  • Take-away menu
  • Working hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM to midnight,
    Sat-Sun 10 AM to midnight.
  • We welcome you to have Breakfast at
    La Maison Café
  • Daily from 9 AM to noon in the La Maison
    House we offer you our interpretation of
    the ideal homemade breakfast.

Just imagine… you get settled and cozy in a sophisticated interior: in an armchair by the window or next to the fireplace. In front of you there is a fluffy omelet and slices of freshly baked bread: whole-grain, cheesy or rye. As well as a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

And on weekends a glass of sparkling wine on the house!
Great beginning, isn’t it?
Once youve finished the main course, the waiter brings you our sweet signature pancakes Oladyi La Maison. The next bright taste impression comes with our home yogurt, made by La Maison chefs, with home pastry - particularly, our signature roll-cakes, well-loved by the guests of the House. And in conclusion hot cocoa, our Macarons or handmade sweets.
La Maison has something to treat your special guests starting from the early morning!

Lets start our imaginary tour from the affordable café which is located right across from the entrance.
Here every guest will feel at ease, with light zoning by partition screens and spacious comfortable sofas. Wine racks, located in the café area and filled with wine bottles, make the atmosphere truly cozy and emphasize the wine concept of the café. There is a unique offer: guests can order wine at store price from the in-house wine cellar, and professional sommeliers are always ready to help with the choice from a vast collection. In the evenings the fireplace is lit, creating the most lyrical mood.
The café menu combines well-known culinary trends Greek salad, mashed potatoes, borsch with home-cooked stuffed pastry (pirozhki). Our home-style food is simple and great tasting, leaving even the most fastidious food lovers full and happy.

There is a unique offer in place: guests can order wine at store price from 500 to 80 000 rubles from the in-house wine cellar, and professional sommeliers are always ready to help with the choice from a vast collection.

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La Maison restaurant

Restaurant services
  • Cuisine: Russian, French
  • Sitting places: La Maison Restaurant sits 30 persons
  • Restaurant services
  • In-house wine cellar, wine list, digestif list, drinks of our own production.
  • Sunday discount 20%
  • Take-away menu
  • Working hours: daily from 12 PM to midnight
  • Turn left after entering and you are in the La Maison restaurant.

Here guests are welcomed for special occasions. Art Nouveau interior, ceremonials, silver flatware, flawless etiquette integral elements of the elite atmosphere allowing every guest to feel like an exceptionally important person. And this means that any business meal or a dinner among friends will stay in memory as an extraordinary occasion. To support this let us mention that in 2007 La Maison hosted presidents Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbaev for dinner, and the book of honorary guests is filled with testimonials from famous Russian and international politicians, actors and musicians.

Naturally, the head chef created a special menu for the restaurant, with only premium and freshest products used as ingredients.

Cuisine of the best homes of the 1900-s combined two culinary cultures French and Russian, cultivated by manor culture of living of two centuries. Grace of French approach at that time easily agreed with Russian hospitality. La Maison concept is a tribute to this remarkable and charming era. Image of the restaurant respectable city manor house from the beginning of XX century one of those which were called the best homes

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Drinks menu

Wine boutique Cabinet

If you take the stairs down, you will arrive at the in-house wine cellar La Maison, where you can find more than 600 wines from 500 to 80 000 rubles per bottle. There is a unique offer in place: guests can order wine for their dinner at La Maison or La Maison Café at store price, and professional sommeliers are always ready to help with the choice from a vast collection.

Wine cellar is an intrinsic element of any respectable manor house, a token of high-society taste of its owner. As one of the true best homes, La Maison also has a place for connoisseurs of fine wines - Wine boutique Cabinet. The name of the boutique is simultaneously a tribute to the previous name of the street (Kabinetskaya) and the essence of the concept: Collector cabinets are a typical attribute of aristocratic houses, and boutique assortment is also formed based on collector principle. Boutique collection holds more than 1200 types of alcoholic drinks wine and whisky, cognacs and Armagnacs, champagne and sparkling wines. The collection is replenished twice a month, and all drinks are kept in professional conditions following the principles of enoteca, on a special expository equipment, at a carefully calibrated and maintained temperature.

La Maison confectionary

From Gorkiy Street, through a separate entrance, you can reach the La Maison Confectionary a place for true lovers of real homemade desserts. Here you will find only sweet masterpeices cakes and pastry, handmade sweets and macarons, biscuits and pies, and much more, with everything produced in-house.

La Maison catering service

We know how important it is to create the feeling of celebration among your guests from the very beginning, that is why we paid special attention to catering. The big hall on the second floor of the House in not the only advantage of the House. Of course we have a café and a restaurant, but we pay a lot of attention to catering - the off-premise serving of the festivities especially in the summer. Many people see the ideal celebration as outdoor recreation but with all the usual amenities and delights of the civilization. No problem! La Maison expertise allows to successfully tackle this challenge the only limit is your imagination.

La Maison catering is a service with a solid reputation and broad experience. The catering menu hold positions from La Maison restaurant and café, as well as exclusive option created specifically for this service. Our credo is: creative approach to the celebration and respect for the tastes and preferences of each and every guest. For us no occasion is too small or too big we will tastefully organize a small open collar gathering and a gala celebration for 1000 guests with a strict dress-code. We will help to make your celebration bright and unique. And we vouch for the refinement and sophistication of the gastronomical part. To conclude, We await you in our House: on the second floor in the banquette hall of the manor house for special occasions and every day in our La Maison restaurant and La Maison Café. And to take a piece of the soul of our House into your home visit our La Maison confectionary and the wine boutique! History of the House


This house could easily be the most romantic building in our city, as it is not only a charming part of the old town Novonikolaevsk, but an architecture memorial to love. Buildings that were created by kings or aristocrats for the beloved ones are true treasures for any touristic destination. They are more than just buildings. They have their own charm, a soul, something that makes the voices of the tour guides warmer and echoes like a chime of crystal bells in the soul of every tourist. 1. The Petit Trianon, built by Louis XV for Madame de Pompadour, Beauté-sur-Marne castle, built by Charles VII for the charming Agnès Sorel, Mirabell Palace in Salzburg a gift from Prince of Rathenau to Salomeya Alt, finally, the manor house of a ballet star Matilda Kshesinskaya on Kronverk avenue in StPetersburg, built for the prima by his Highness Andrei Romanov all these are love stories set in stone. Happy or sad, but always enchanting, attracting travelers and wonderers, teasing the imagination of the townsfolk. In the early days of our city the epoch of luxurious romantic extravagancy was already fading, moving to the paper pages of sentimental prose. But it still had a chance to leave its bitter-sweet kiss on the map of Novonikolaevsk the House on Kabinetskaya Street, the House of Kryukov. Romance set in stone In the 1990-s Zakhariy Grogorievitch Kryukov, a mature, solid, married man, was smitten by love, by tremendous, uncontrollable love, love that changes perspective on the life youve lived. The merchants heart was captivated by Polina Tomashevskaya, an actress of the Tobolsk Theater. Not being able to dissolve the official, but childless, marriage, Kryukov found himself in a delicate position: in Novonikolaevsk settings the history of Preskovya Zhemchuzhnikova was repeating itself. It was a little easier for Zakhariy Kryukov than for the Count Sheremetyev Novonikolevsk society treated the situation with understanding, if not approval. For his new happy family Kryukov built a house on the most prestigious street two-story house decorated in a fashionable and elegant art nouveau style. But this love story did not last long the resemblance of the story of Sheremetyev and Zhemchugova turned out to be sadly accurate. Polina died in 1908 from tuberculosis, copying the fate of her colleague and predecessor from the XVIII century.